Episode #2

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Halloween Special!

Interview with Brian Gomez:
Brian Gomez has been in game development for ten years, starting with the unreleased but widely-pirated PlayStation fighter Thrill Kill. Since then, he has worked on a number of original and licensed game properties, including Full Spectrum WarriorState of Emergency, and Brave: The Search for Spirit Dancer.

After nearly five years in Scotland (as a designer, then Creative Director for VIS Entertainment plc) he returned to his native Los Angeles. In 2004 he left Pandemic Studios to form an IP creation, management and production company, Alchemic Productions. Alchemic’s first major project, Clive Barker’s Jericho, was released in October 2007 by Codemasters. Jericho is the first creative collaboration between Brian Gomez and horror author Clive Barker.

Gomez has recently signed on as Design Director with Vatra Games in the Czech Republic, working on the next installment of Silent Hill.


  • Alchemic Productions — This is the website of Brian Gomez’s production company, Alchemic Productions.


Silent Hill FB Page
Brian’s Twitter

Interview with Fen from Ventchat
Excerpt from Ventchat.com
I play Fen, a feral druid on the Lothar server. My main spec is Cat DPS, and my off spec is Bear (edit: Resto for PVP now). My main alt is ANOTHER druid (I’m SICK IN THE HEAD) that I mainly run battlegrounds with in a Resto spec. With the addition of Refer-a-friend (I call it Refer-A-Fen) and bind-on-account gear I’ve gotten one of every class to at least 60+ or so. I’m also the current guild leader of The Followers of Bob.

I’ve played a lot of single player “dungeon crawlers” and RPGs, the classic Baldur’s Gate series on up. I’ve played a decent amount of console games but these days it’s mostly PC stuff. I played quite a bit of Everquest and experienced my first real raiding there. I played quite a bit of Phantasy Star Online on the Dreamcast back in the day, I also played Guild Wars for a brief time, played quite a bit of user created Neverwinter Nights content, and dabbled in a few other MMORPGs…. [Read More]

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