Paper Rogue

Download Paper Rogue PDF

Are you interested in RPGs and D&D? We are looking for play testers for Fredrick Ernst’s new solitaire dungeon adventure!

Paper Rogue is an exciting dungeon campaign that allows anybody to play at almost any time! All you need is a pencil, eraser and one six sided die.

Here is a quick breakdown of how to get started:

The game plays out in a series of turns, each of which is broken into four steps during which you will move through and explore the dungeon, battle monsters and search for treasure. You win by completing the conditions of your quest.

If you are reduced to zero health or supplies before you manage this, however, you are defeated.

Who are you?
First you must select a hero. Each hero has different strengths and abilities and will find different treasures in the dungeon. All heroes have spaces to record health, supplies, gold and potions. Once you have selected a hero, choose one of the three available races for that hero, each has a different special boon, often an item that it gains before starting the game. Once you’ve selected a hero and chosen the hero’s race, you must learn the nature and location of your quest.

What is your Quest?
Now you must generate the name of the dungeon, which will determine your quest objective, the default monster table for the dungeon, and a special modifier that effects the entire dungeon. Roll on the Dungeon Name Table and record the results on your dungeon map. The game begins with the hero on the stair space in the center of the starting room. The hero has full health and supplies, but no treasure or weapons of any kind (unless his class or race states otherwise).